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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Guess how long we rode the ferris wheel?

I bet you are thinking, WHY IS THERE ANOTHER POST! Well that's how we feel too, in fact I thought Alisha was going to cry when I told her that we were not done. So she went to sleep in protest. Anyway as you may recall Phichit is not a thrilling town. We have a curfew of eight o clock and we are generally fine with that because there isn't really anything to do after eight. But this week they have been having the carnival. I don't know how often it comes around but it has been exciting. Our curfew was moved to nine and we have made use of the extra hour. The first night we went we bought random things like ice cream, cd's, and a Thai massage poster (everything is extremely cheap) and rode the ferris wheel. The ferris wheel was intended for smallish children but we really wanted to ride it. So we did. We paid our dollar each and smashed ourselves into the little cages. I happened to be with Laura, we are both really tall and were therefore very squished, but we still managed to have a private dance part. Only one other girl got on (she was probably nine) but they let her off after going around three or four times. We were on the ferris wheel for over twenty minutes before we figured out that we had to tell them when to stop. For a while we thought they just liked watching our dance parties, then we thought the were going to kidnap us and make us join the circus, then we thought that the maybe the one in front just like checking Sarah out. Those may have been true but they did let us out after we gestured vigorously. PS I felt more stared at this night than I ever have before.

The second night of carnival we tried new foods and looked at the fried bugs though no one ate those. I tried something that looked like a desert taco, a potato on a stick, and some banana ice cream. Laura got crab dipped in Ketchup. The third night I bought props for the drama class I am teaching next week (Thanks to everyone who helped out with supplies) and Alsiha bought a green drink in a bag. Now the carnival is gone......SAD DAY.

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