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Sunday, July 3, 2011


For those of you who don't know this, we have decided to celebrate all of the major holidays during our summer here in Thailand. We had a most splendid time celebrating Halloween and Thanksgiving was only a few weeks afterward.

Thanksgiving was held on a Saturday, so we didn't have classes that day. We woke up late in the morning and Sarah, Laura, and I (Alisha) went with Tang to the market. We had never walked through Phitchit's fresh market before, and it was pretty intense. Fruit, vegetables, meat, jewelry, and other random things adorned the tables, ready for purchasing. We walked past the pig heads and animal organs in buckets and bought fresh vegetables for our upcoming meal. For dinner it would be the five of us plus the five in Tang's family, so we needed to buy a lot of food.

After we got all of the ingredients we needed (which took another trip to Tesco and 711) everyone received their own assignments in preparing our meal. I was somehow selected to be in charge of the meat. We were unable to find a turkey. However, we did buy a couple of small chickens. I now have a new appreciation for boneless, skinless chicken breasts that can be kept in the freezer. I pulled the smelly chickens out of their bags and busily started hacking away at them. Keep in mind that I had never actually prepared meat for a meal before, (besides frying hamburger or something) let alone taken the skin off and de-boned a chicken. It took awhile, but I finally got the chicken looking like chicken you would buy in America.

Whitney had the task of making stuffing and sauteing things. Jenna made the gravy, Laura made the mashed potatoes, and Sarah made rolls and chocolate pies. With all of our combined efforts, the meal was quite a success. Poor Whitney had a migraine that day, but she's a tough cookie and remained positive the whole day.

Whitney in her sunglasses due to the migraine

Let's not forget to mention that we did this all using a tiny little oven (they don't believe in ovens here. They fry and boil everything here). Everything tasted heavenly. Tang and her family also enjoyed the meal. Mom even told Sarah that she should open up a bakery here. Before we ate, we had everyone say something that they are grateful for. Thanksgiving was truly a success.

Our tiny oven that baked the chicken, rolls, stuffing, and pie crusts

Sarah and Laura jumped onto the same chair after seeing a lizard run out of the cupboard

The fam

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