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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Go Bananas!

Today Whitney and I went to the park to exercise. I am sore, so I only walked a few laps, while Whitney ran several. Because I only planned to walk, I was wearing a nice shirt and my khaki capris. After we finished, we casually strolled on back to the house. Like usual, I was purposefully oblivious to my surroundings (I don't like to notice when people are staring at me. It makes me feel super awkward). We then come to a man who had just crossed the street and was getting into his car. We both were enraptured with our conversation and meant to just keep walking past, until the man stood in our path and held out a bunch of bananas (16 of them to be precise). We sort of just stared at him, but he very insistently handed the bananas to me. I just looked at them and then at him, and then he got into his car to drive away. We then proceeded home, me now carrying lots of bananas. I counted three different groups of people (mostly guys) that said "hello" to us and waved. We got home and walked into the doctor's clinic. I'm sure we confused the lot of them, because here I was wearing normal clothes and carrying lots of bananas, while Whit was drenched in sweat wearing her stained baggy shirt. They probably thought: well, at least Whitney is healthy. What's wrong with Alisha that she has to go out and buy herself 16 bananas? Once explained, our Thai family thought that the story was hilarious.

Man, what's it going to be like to go home and not be such a celebrity anymore? We get people staring at us, waving at us, vainly trying to speak with us in Thai, smiling at us, AND our very presence inspires the giving of a delicious fruit. How could it get any better than that?

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