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Monday, July 11, 2011

The Fourth of July is just the fourth of July in Thailand

I bet you think it's funny that most of our posts are either about vacations or Holidays, I do. the reason for this is that the rest of our time here is pretty laid back and I never finish any of the hum-drum posts I start. I may get back to them. One is about teaching the kids drama and another is about how Thai people sctter when you pull out a phone in a lightening storm. I would think it is just as dangerous in my pocket as it is in my hand but maybe I'm missing something. Anyway this post is about the July 4th.
There were no fireworks (except the ones we watched on youtube), no picnic blankets, and no fear that a teenage boy was going to hit someones car with a bottle rocket but we had a barbeque. This was fantastic on account of I have grown rather attached to meat that isn't boiled or fried. George, the gardner, pulled this never used grill out of the Garden House shed and Jenna cooked us chicken, not quite a cheeseburger but still very good. We also had pork and fish (grilled). The rest of the meal consisted of bagels, cream cheese, homemade chocolate chip cookies, sticky rice, coconut cake, coke, steamed carrots, and hashbrowns. I just want you to picture the randomness of this meal. But it was so delicious. Food is kind of a novelty here especially American food thts why we need to talk about it so much.
(Our normal everyday food consists of rice, bamboo, thai omletts, veg (veg is any vegetable chopped up and fried with meat), chinese sausage, and soup. )
Oh and speaking of novelties the other day we were having our awesome weekend night eating soft serve ice cream at KFC and three white guys walked in. It was so awkward the 8 of us just stared at each other. I'm basically a local because I now stare at white people too.
If I'm truley honest on this blog we have been mostly lame for the last two/three weeks. We ride bikes (if the tires work), we have nice long naps, we go running if it isn't to hot, we hang out at Tesco on weekends, we have dance parties on the roof, we do Thai areobics, eat soft serve ice cream, shop for hammocks, and we watch movies. Luckily this weekend we have a little action planned because we are going to Bangkok so that we can see Harry Potter in English. We are also going to a beach and some famous market. So eventually there will be an exciting post up yay!

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