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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Harroween

Yesterday was Halloween. Not Thai Halloween, but fake Halloween. We decided we needed some Holidays to spice up the summer and Halloween was our first one (Frabjous Day is next week). Now you may be wondering what people do on fake Halloween in May in Thailand. The answer is simple. Dress up, go trick or treating, attend a haunted house, and watch a scary movie while pigging out on chocolate. Alisha and I finally got to fulfill our goal of being Tulio and Miguel from The Road to El Dorado. It was magical to say the least and I looked so much like a man I was freaking myself out. It was the eyebrows. Just so you know Jenna was a ninja, Laura was Mum, and Sarah was Harry Potter. We have some excellent face book pictures. When we went trick-or-treating I got a whole bag of loot it was delicious. Sorry this post is disjointed I'm so tired. Sundays are exhausting and I feel like I am fighting a narcotic (I'm not for those of you thinking that I probably am, I definitely did not take any sleeping pills today). I would like to conclude with a list of things that I am now very grateful for.

1. Church less then 10 minutes away
2. Carpet
3. Cheese
4. Milk that tastes good
5. Trax
6. Sidewalks
7. Wide Roads
8. Ovens
9. The Desert
10. Lack of lizards and ants
11. Clean beds
12. Dryers

Yes I'm sure more will come but today I was especially missing trax and close church. Having church be a seven hour ordeal has really opened my eyes. Now a list of things we are extremely lucky to have.

1. A giant house and the garden house and a clean school to teach in
2. Tang, Ake, and Family
3. Tesco
4. Flushing toilets
5. Heated water
6. Adventure
7. The ability to go to church and people willing to translate for us
8. Excellent customer service even when people know they wont understand us
9. Cheap clothes, food, and services
10. Air conditioning
11. Wireless internet
12. Bikes
13. The school being less then a one minute walk
14. Magnums
15. Everybody being willing to cater to our weird western tastes
16. A cleaning lady and a cook
17. Delicious fruit
18. Mixed Berry Squeezy
19. Fake Holidays
20. The kids

Seriously we are very spoiled here. We are taken care of and we have an amazing opportunity to learn, teach, and become more aware of the world. The kids are so little it has been a challenge to find ways to teach them. They want to play and I can't say that I blame them. Church is also a challenge but it has been very rewarding. In order to catch our train, our goal is to leave at 6:30 so we can walk to the train station by 6:50. This morning my alarm clock did not go off but somehow Alisha woke herself up at 6:25. Don't worry we still made it, no make-up, no hair combing, but we made it. At church the Elders translate for us. They are really funny because they concentrate so hard on translating that everything they say is monotone which considering what they say is even funnier. After our combined meeting we got to watch two baptisms. That was pretty amazing. It continually amazes me how the spirit can be felt whether or not the language can be understood.

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