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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Home Sweet Home

So we are officially moved into our new home. Wednesday morning we took a ferry and left the Phi Phi Islands. I feel like after the exciting adventures we had in Phi Phi, we are ready for anything. The ferry made us a little sick because there were still giant waves. I am used to getting motion sick though, whereas this was a first for Whit. We got back to Phuket and then stayed in the same hotel as before for four hours. The owner helped us get a ride back to the bus station. That night, we took the bus back to Bangkok where we met Tang, our coordinator. She is very nice and friendly. She speaks very good English because she graduated from college in England. PS this is Whit now, I was sick for all of this. All of it, boat, hotel, all night bus, next day at Tangs house, four hour car ride to just kept going. I don't think I have ever so prayed hard in my life. Also we watched a terrifying Chinese movie dubbed in Thai. I don't have a clue what it was but people just kept dying and there was a tsunami... yeah it was bad.
Anyway the house we are staying in is huge. The first story is the doctors office (the doctor is Tang's dad), the second story has the kitchen and a living area, the third floor is where we sleep and we have a flushing toilet, the fourth floor has laundry stuff and a garden on the roof. Me and Alisha share a room and a bed but the bed is so hard I could jump on it and not wake her up so it works. Jenna and Laura also share a room (they got their own beds) and Sarah has her own room. The school is about four houses down so we just have to cross the street and we are there. Though we might cause a wreck at the intersection because every driver who passes us stops to stare, we are quite a novelty here. Tang's parents also have two other houses. One is in Bangkok and the other is here. They kind of go wherever so sometimes its just us in this big house. We hung out at their other house last night, however, and they have a pool and a giant garden, and Tangs brother is a tech smart guy who let me watch anything I wanted (there were like a billion movies and I was still sick so Sarah made me some concoction and had me eat rice). So that was kind of a jumble of information but it feels like a lot has happened.
Basically Tangs family spoils us. Tang is getting us bikes and pretty much anything else we need. When I was sick Tangs dad came up and checked me and gave me all the medicine I would need then they let me sleep in the air conditioned room all day and took me to other house and let me lay on the couch and watch movies. Today we went to the school and trained forever. I'm getting really excited to start teaching but the fact that the kids are tiny scares me (2-6 years old). I'm sure Alisha has a lot more to say because she went on the tour of the city and did stuff on that day I was out. My point is we are in good hands and the summer is going to be great. We just came up with our fake birthdays and holidays. Just so you all know my new birthday is July 14th, we are probably going to celebrate by driving to Bangkok to see Harry Potter, just sayin :)

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