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Monday, May 9, 2011

What up slumber party?

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, the Lords day (say with a Nacho accent). Oy, well let's just say the room from hell was hotter than usual but it was still better than the bungalow. After breakfast all five of us crowded on our tiny bed in our teeny tiny hot, hot, hot, hot, room to watch conference and Megamind. lol :) I may or may not have gotten Megamind from a sketchy back room in Phuket... Anyway that the sweltering heat and my perpetual paranoia that bugs and all manner of other creatures will get in if the door is left open (which it was). Luckily, we made it through the movie without any incidents.

Unfortunately, that was where our luck ended. After a dinner at our favorite restaurant (we only go to two restaurants because we are lame and everywhere pretty much has the same food) Alisha and I returned to our cozy pit to find the bed crawling with what look like maggots and larvae of whatever the heck they are (If I were ever to take up swearing now would be the time). For the second day in a row we were ready to cry. I think we must have been very brave to come here when I realize that this is what we thought the whole summer would be like. Anyway, we went down and talked to the lady at the front desk/bar and asked if we could have some new sheets since ours were infested with who knows what. Eventually, they brought us one, keep in mind we don't have a sheet to lay under just the sheet on the mattress. They swept the room and bug sprayed it and changed our sheet and left. After that I was feeling like I might be able to curl up on the edge and attempt to sleep, which is better then nervously pacing the jungle because there are bugs in the bed (that was my previous plan). Then the power went out. And for those of you who don't hang out in jungles let me just say that it is scarier to lose power when you can hear everything because you don't know where it is. The bungalow didn't lose power though so we went and hung out on their mattresses in their mosquito nets and watched While You Were Sleeping through mesh. That was a first.

At some point the power came back on and since it was Mothers Day all of us crowded into our previously insect ridden bed and Skyped our mommies. We had one incident with some giant flying bug during that time but nothing our fearless leader couldn't throw out the door while we all screamed. After I said goodnight and handed the computer over me and Laura went to get some food (which involved walking passed the "poo garden", through the flooded streets, in the jungle, in the dark). We found Oreos, however, so it was totally worth it. When we got back to the room Skype was still happening and the air was even thicker. Choosing life over suffocation we headed to the Bungalow till everyone was ready for bed. Jenna came back first and we kept talking then Alisha and Sarah show up with our fan. This is a bad sign. We do not move the fan because we would die without it an that room. Alisha and Sarah proceed to tell us that there was some giant lizard rat thing in our room and that they couldn't find it.

Whitney has now passed the computer over to me (Alisha) to [insert my story here]. While everyone was Skyping their mothers and friends, I was laying on the bed trying to convince myself that if I didn't move then it would be less hot. It didn't work. It was hopeless. I took two cold showers within two hours of each other. Whitney and Laura went to go get food, but I was exhausted and wanted to sleep. I curled up and sort of half slept. Next thing I know, Sarah jumps up and stands on the bed exclaiming "What was that?! Something just fell off of the wall onto the floor!" Instantly awake, I just looked at her like she was crazy. I figured part of the wall fell off (I had been waiting for the ceiling to collapse honestly, so part of the wall falling wouldn't have even surprised me). A minute later, I saw it. Barely. It was this really fat, dark thing that moved like lightning. We think it was a lizard, but if it was, its stomach was huge. But what else could it have been? Sarah looked around the room for a big stick, but finding none, picked up a water bottle instead. We never saw the animal again. If that thing could get in, what else could get in the room? I refused to sleep there, so I grabbed the fan and booked it. Back to you, Whitney.

Due to this unfortunate animal and breach in architecture there was no way we could sleep in that room. We did decide to go back and get the pillows at which point we heard something shuffle through Alisha's luggage. We ran back to the bungalow and the five of us slept on three single beds under mosquito netting. Two people on a twin mattress under a mosquito net in burning heat. Also a new experience. Casey, our coordinator, promised us we would have a horror moment and this might have been mine. I was snuggled up with Laura, sweating my face off, in a mosquito net, in my underwear, praying that I wouldn't get eaten, wondering what on earth I was doing. I think I managed to sleep for maybe three hours last night because as soon as it was light I was up ready to find us a new hotel. I'm a spoiled Marriott child who doesn't camp so this experience is really taking a lot out of me, I'm exhausted (as is Alisha, I can tell by all the sleeping). Alisha was up with me and we decided to be brave and go look in our room for the beast (even under the bed) da da da......

Tune in next time to find out what was under the bed (say with a gameshow host voice).

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