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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Short and Sweet

I Whitney, having been born of goodly parents, will get right to the point, today we were normal tourists with no adventures. We had breakfast at our favorite place, then because we are crazy we had to come back to our air conditioned room for hours to e-mail, skype, and do whatever else people who actually brought their computers on vacation do. I, not being one of those people, read about 100 pages of The Count of Monte Cristo which I am really into even though it's my third read through. Thank goodness everyones friends/family finally went to bed, me and Jenna were getting bored with our non laptop lives. So at the ripe hour of two we got to go to the beach which wasn't at low tide. This was a fantastic thing because it meant we could actually, well, swim. Alisha, Laura, and I took full advantage of this and stayed on the beach for hours while Jenna and Sarah sunbathed and shopped (see now we sound like legit tourists). We then frolicked back to our cool room and prepared for dinner in a cozy little joint known as the Phi Phi Garden Home. The menu was full of tasty treats, sandwiches, hotel rooms, and scuba trips (yes it was all in the menu). We then went shopping and bought some souvenirs, took a stroll along the moonlit beach, drank out of a coconut, bought crispy M&M's (which Alisha really really needed for some reason, oh she was reunited with a long lost love that is the reason evidently), and avoided the Slinky Kinky limbo contest. Meanwhile, (forgive the "graphic" nature of this statement) I was ready to pee my pants (an occurrence that is rather common on this trip). So I'm leading the group at a rapid pace back to the hotel crashing into metal poky things and almost falling into gutters and dodging bikes on the uneven cobblestones and freakin Alsiha decides that that is a good time to buy postcards, thank goodness for Sarah she took me home. Now we are being lame and chilling in the room again (literally chillin) its fantastic!

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